Five very Irish experiences of Australia

Five very Irish experiences of Australia

Celebrate Foster’s Fridays by getting to grips with some very Irish experiences of Australia!

It feels like only yesterday since our economy tanked - forcing us to pack our bags and head down under for a little sunshine and a lot of craic!

We've teamed up with our mates at Foster’s to list some very Irish experiences of those who went to Oz.

Struggling with the lingo? Never!


Farm Work

From sweltering heat to back breaking work, it was far cry from Wexford strawberry season.

Aussie Lingo


You wouldn't be there a week before you realised that the natives had a completely different concept of the English language.

Thongs are flip flops, arvo' is the afternoon, a bottle-o is the off licence, and petty is petrol. Case closed.

Ireland is a VERY small place


As much as you wouldn't like to admit it, you always seemed to know 'Sean from Ardmore'


Oh god help us, the sunburn. Never before had Irish skin been subjected to such hardship. 'Factor 50? G'way, I'm grand' were never grand.

Mammy care packages

You knew you would be living like royalty for a solid week whenever one of these beauties arrived.

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