Five minutes to spare? Here’s how to maximise your me-time moments

Five minutes to spare? Here’s how to maximise your me-time moments

When was the last time you got five minutes to yourself?

Life is hectic so it can be easy to forget that sometimes you just need to relax and recharge those batteries.

Granted, this is always easier said than done, but we're here to help.

We've teamed up with the experts in celebrating the me-time moment, FUZE tea, to help you make the most of those hard to find me-time moments - no matter how brief...


Step 1: Schedule it:

Yes, we know this seems a little counterproductive, but let's face it, life will always get in the way. That's why it's important to mentally schedule five minutes of me-time at least a couple of days each week.

Step 2: Ditch the Guilt:

From bringing the kids to training to getting that wash out of the way, it might seem that taking some me-time out is a tad selfish. Rubbish. Creating a me-time moment will allow you to become more engaged throughout the day.


Step 3: Ignore your smartphone:

Exclude the outside world by switching your phone to Aeroplane Mode or by hiding it out of sight. Spending only a few minutes away from your phone can give your body, brain and emotions a break from the constant stimulus they provide.

Step 4: Get Cosy & embrace Hygge 

Okay, so you've scheduled some me-time, you've ditched the guilt, and the smartphone is out of sight, but this is of little use if you're uncomfortable. Embrace Hygge and surround yourself with soft furnishings, warm woods and ambient lighting for that cosy feel.


Step 5: Get Ambient:

Playing some ambient music will help you relax and improve your sleeping patterns.

Step 6: Grab a book:

If you're like us and find it a struggle to stay still for a single minute, reading a book during your me-time moment can be the perfect destresser. In fact, a study by the University of Sussex revealed that reading reduces stress levels by 68%. Having said that, it's probably best to avoid anything by Stephen King...

Step 7: If that fails, try yoga:

Sometimes you need to engage the mind and body to maximise your me-time moment. Muscle relief, lower blood pressure, increased focus and flexibility are just some of the benefits the practice can bring.

Step 8: Grab a cuppa:

But not just any cuppa. Why not complete your me-time with the perfect relaxing anecdote to an overwhelming day - FUZE tea.

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