Hinge user shares simple hack to get the matches you want

Hinge user shares simple hack to get the matches you want
Credit: Cottonbro Studios Pexels

Have you become frustrated with Hinge's "most compatible" suggestions?

One tiktoker is sharing a simple hack to get the matches you want on Hinge.

Single gal Sierra (@sippingwithsierra) has reported this method bagged her 12 matches with men she fancied in just 3 days:

@sippinwithsierra Someone cracked the code and I’m just trynna share with y’all #hinge #dating #relationshipadvice #datingapps #single ♬ original sound - Sierra


Like many others, Sierra found that the men she liked were in her "standouts" section on Hinge, but it's impossible to match with these guys, or even communicate without "sending a rose." (which isn't exactly a subtle move). She found she was able to outsmart the Hinge algorithm and change the type of men on her app by rejecting the profiles appearing in her "standout section."

"Go into your standouts, say no to every single person that's in the standouts, Hinge will think that your type is not the handsome beautiful men that are in your standouts," she says.  "Then your regular page, the next day will be filled with, not the same people but, like, good-looking people that were in your standouts or would have been, 'cause Hinge thinks that's not your type."

Commenting on the video other Hinge users reported that this method does work.

"She's right it's true I noticed this by accident way back lol" said one user.


"Sis you ain't telling a lie, I did it. It works." said another.

The dating app Hinge markets itself as "the app designed to be deleted" and has grown in Irish users since its launch here in 2019.