Last minute cheap Valentine's gifts

Last minute cheap Valentine's gifts
Credit: Vjapratama Pexels

Can't afford chocolates or flowers?

Try these budget-friendly Valentine's Day gifts

1. Personalised playlist

The Gen Z version of the "mixed tape". Make your loved one a personalised playlist on Spotify. It can have any theme; songs that remind you of them, songs you think they would like, or a 00s playlist for them to get ready to. Just make it personal!


2. A framed photo

A photo of yourselves (especially a black and white one) is both thoughtful and relatively cheap. Many Boots stores have an in-store photo printing service which allows you to upload photos from your phone and print them quickly. If you can spare a few bob for the frame too, wrap it up and watch their face light up.

3. A "hand-picked" bouquet

Can't afford a bouquet? The outdoors is your florist! Go off and pick some wildflowers for yourself. Usually, you'll find buttercups, daisies, snowdrops, bluebells, foxgloves or honeysuckles locally. It doesn't have to be fancy and colourful, it's the thought that counts. Wrap with twine or ribbon for a pretty extra touch.


4. At-home wine-tasting

Instead of going on a fancy wine tour, opt for an at-home wine excursion. No idea about wine? That's part of the fun. Head to the wine aisle together and pick out some cheap quarter bottles to sample. You can have fun at home with your "tasting" and rate your selections. The effects of the wine will make this a lot more fun than it sounds. Please drink responsibly, of course.

5. Make a scrapbook/comic strip

The most romantic gifts are hand-made. Why not draw a little sketch of each other?Or a sketch of one good memory you have with them? Or give yourselves ten mins to draw a little comic strip of your history together. The more childlike and messy the better! These are the things you'll hang on to, rather than expensive gifts.


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