McDonald's introduces potato waffles to its menu for the first time ever

McDonald's introduces potato waffles to its menu for the first time ever

McDonald's is about to introduce potato waffles to its menu for the first time in the company's history.

The fluffy mini spud waffles are to be added to the fast food chain's much-loved breakfast menu... and boy do they look tasty!

The soon-to-be iconic breakfast treat is to be offered in a portion of three - which we suspect won't be enough.

However, that's not the only addition to Maccy D's updated menu –  the BBQ Bacon Stack, McCrispy Burger and Nacho Cheese wedges will all become permanent fixtures on the chain's menu following trial periods.


Those with a sweet tooth will also be catered for with the introduction of the Twirl McFlurry.

While we don't have a confirmed introduction date for these new menu items in Ireland, the savoury additions will appear on McDonald's menus in the UK on October 19th, with the McFlurry becoming available at a slightly later date of October 26th. With that in mind, we expect an Irish announcement very soon.

The news follows the introduction of Adult Happy Meals in the US back in September.

The fast food chain is remaining the whole experience by teaming up with clothing fashion icon Cactus Plant Flea Market.


You might recognise the brand as it's been worn by the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell and Tyler, the Creator.

In the box, you'll find your traditional fries, BigMac or chicken nuggets - but unlike the ones we loved as kids, this Happy Meal will include trippy toys designed by Cactus Plant Flea Market.

To ramp up the nostalgia even further, the new toys will be reworked versions of their mascots of old, including Grimace, the Hamburglar, Birdie or Cactus Buddy.

Commenting on the announcement Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s USA chief marketing and customer experience officer said: “We’re taking one of the most nostalgic McDonald’s experiences and literally repackaging it in a new way that’s hyper-relevant for our adult fans."


He continued: “I can’t wait to give fans a unique piece of art and culture as we dive headfirst into the dynamic world of Cactus Plant Flea Market together next week,” he said. “With menu favourites like the Big Mac and McNuggets at the centre of this collab, this is another way we’re reigniting a new generation’s love for our food and the brand.”