McDonald's launch first-ever loyalty reward points scheme

McDonald's launch first-ever loyalty reward points scheme

Having only recently bowed to demands for a delivery service and vegan burger options, McDonald's isn't exactly known for rushing headfirst into emerging consumer trends.

So it comes as a surprise to hear that the fast-food giant is joining the likes of Lidl and M&S in rolling out an app-only loyalty scheme.

From today (Jan 10) the My Rewards scheme is being trialled in 10 McDonald's restaurants across the UK, including outlets in Liverpool, St. Helens and Kirkby.

If successful (which should be a given), the scheme will be rolled out to a further 65 restaurants in the UK.


Users must download the McDonald's app to avail of the service with 100 points being awarded for every £1 spent.

Once you've banked 1,500 points, you can get the following for FREE:

  • Small Fries
  • Hash Brown
  • Regular McCafé
  • Mini McFlurry
  • Side Salad
  • £1.50 to donation to charity

If you've banked 2,500 points you can nab these tasty items at no cost:

  • Double Cheeseburger
  • Bacon Mayo Chicken
  • Veggie Deluxe
  • Medium Fries
  • Cheesy Bacon Flatbread
  • £2.50 donation to charity

And if you've been spending big at Maccy D's, 4000 points will get you:

  • Six Chicken McNuggets
  • Big Mac
  • McChicken Sandwich
  • Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin
  • Premium Salad
  • £4 donation to charity

There's no word yet on whether this scheme will be coming to Ireland, but we think it's a no brainer - where do we sign the petition?