McDonald's shake up breakfast offering with monsterous 'Mighty McMuffin'

McDonald's shake up breakfast offering with monsterous 'Mighty McMuffin'
The all-new Mighty McMuffin

It seems there isn't a week that goes by lately without another McDonald's menu update.

And this week is no exception with the launch of the Mighty McMuffin.

An absolute behemoth, this breakfast treat contains sausage, egg, bacon, cheese and the optional dash of ketchup or, if you're like us, a healthy dollop of brown sauce.

It appears so filling we suspect you might even hold off on that additional helping of those all-new McDonald's waffles...


The Mighty McMuffin is now available in UK McDonald's nationwide but Irish execs remain tight-lipped on its availability in Ireland. However, if it's anything like the fast food chain's previous menu updates, this tasty addition should be hot on the heels of any British changes.


The McMuffin is available on its own or as part of a McMuffin meal deal for a limited time only.

Other Christmas Menu Additions

Earlier this month, the iconic chain brought back a number of festive favourites.

First and foremost, the Big Tasty made a comeback – a burger with a beef patty, Emmenthal cheese, onion, tomatoes and a smokey sauce. The Big Tasty with bacon is also available as well as a Big Tasty meal deal.

Also returning are the Cheese Melt dippers – breaded camembert bites with a tomato-based dip. They are available as a four-piece portion or as a 15-piece share-size box.


For mince pie fans, the Festive Pie is available again- a pastry filled with mincemeat and custard.

And for chocolate lovers, the McFlurry will be getting the Christmas treatment, with the Celebrations McFlurry has returned.

The arrival of the festive menu means the old promotional menu, featuring the BBQ Bacon Stack, Nacho Cheese Wedges and Twirl McFlurry will be dropped.