Mini Cooper car converted into Marshall Guitar Amp!

Mini Cooper car converted into Marshall Guitar Amp!

Calling all car and guitar enthusiasts!

UK's David Brown Automotive has teamed up with UK guitar amplifier company Marshall to release the Mini Remastered Marshall Edition.

The Mini Cooper has been 'pimped' with the iconic black and gold colours of the rock and roll company to commemorate Marshall's 60th anniversary.


A look inside at the car's interior - Image: David Brown Automotive

According to Guitar Wolrd, only 60 of these vehicles will be made and their design represents the "rich heritage of the iconic audio brandโ€.

It isn't the first time Marshall has teamed up with motor companies, as last year the amp supplier paired with BMW's motorcycle division to create a pair of Marshall speaker-equipped motorbikes.


An old school Mini Cooper is their new collaboration, with the car getting a serious upgrade for those who want the need for speed and to rock out while ding so!

The car's grille is slick gold, which reflects the classic tone/volume knobs on a Marshall amp, with the car itself a slick black.

Inside, the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals are finished in gold, and engraved with โ€˜skip trackโ€™, โ€˜pauseโ€™ and โ€˜playโ€™.


Mini Remastered Marshall Edition - Image: David Brown Automotive

And where does the amp itself come into play? Well just open the boot!

Inside, drivers/guitarists can find a Marshall DSL1 combo amp in the leather-lined trunk while Marshall says there is also a โ€œmeaningfully upgradedโ€ in-car sound system.

Both David Brown and Marshall will make a donation to the Music Trust Venue from the sales of each of the cars.

Image: David Brown Automotive