Money expert has these 10 money saving life hacks to help you this winter

Money expert has these 10 money saving life hacks to help you this winter

Struggling with the cost of living? Use these money-saving life hacks to keep energy bills down this winter*.

Journalist and money-saving expert Martin Lewis has this advice to help YOU save some much-needed cash over the next few months.

1. Change the showerhead

You can fit your shower with a shower head that pumps air and water through it. This inexpensive change will save you water use, and cut down on the energy used for your shower.


2. Drop a degree

If you can drop your heating temperature by just one degree, e.g. from 21 degrees to 20 degrees, you can save as much as 10% on your heating bill.


3. Close the curtains

We can forget to do it, but closing the curtains can keep the heat in the room. Then, when it's sunny during the day, open the curtains to allow the natural heat to warm the room. Consider using fleece-lined curtains also to retain heat more in the home.

4. Fridge fix


Your fridge temperature should be at 5 degrees and your freezer should be at -18 degrees. Check the temperatures on these, as if either is cooler than necessary, you are using needless electricity.

5. Bath time

For years we have been told that having a shower is more eco-friendly than having a bath. However new research shows that many power showers use twice as much energy and hot water as a bath. If using the bath, fill it with hot water and let it cool naturally, rather than adding cold water before getting in. Don't rush to drain the bath immediately either, as the hot water will help to heat your home further.

6. Hot water jacket

If you have a boiler ensure it is covered with a hot water cylinder jacket to prevent heat loss.

7. Check your knob!

Make sure you have checked your central heating settings/knob to avoid heating rooms that are unused. It makes sense to only have the radiators on in rooms that are used frequently. Similarly, set the timer where possible to avoid heating a room for longer than necessary. Your heating should go off about half an hour before you no longer need it, and keeping it on too close to bedtime could affect your sleep.

8. Reflective radiators

You can purchase reflective panels from a DIY store and fit these to your radiator to retain heat in a room. Make sure you buy purpose-built panels from an expert, as plastic or other materials can melt on a radiator.

9. Telly Check

Switch your TV to a low-energy setting where possible to save energy used.

10. Draught watch

Use draught excludes near doors or clingfilm on windows in chilly weather to preserve heat.

*The above has been adapted from the Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV.