Movember-how to grow and style your moustache

Movember-how to grow and style your moustache
Credit: Matheus Ferrero Pexels

It's that time of year again. Possibly the only time you will receive praise for growing dubious stubble.

Movember is back, to raise funds for men's health projects worldwide. To take part, first sign up at Then choose your style below and start growing your mo!

1.The Wisp Moustache. Difficulty Level 1/5

If you struggle to grow, well anything, this is the 'tache for you. It's barely there, but it's enough to cause a stir of controversy and questions about what's happening south of your nose.

2. The Pencil Moustache. Difficulty Level 2/5

A level up from the wisp, this one requires a little more grooming. Use a clipper or scissors to carve out your shape, then finish the fine edges with a razor. Best suited to darker-haired men so it will stand out more.

3. The Chevron. Difficulty Level 4/5

This is the tache for the ladies to lust over. Or scream in horror, it could go either way. For this 80s favourite, consider your type of facial hair before growing this, as it suits straight hair best. The edges of the moustache should extend just half an inch beyond the corners of the mouth. You will need to use a razor to shave stray hairs on your cheeks, and a grooming scissors to cut the hair that grows over your lip. Finally, a moustache comb is key to brush that tache upwards and set in place.

4.The Horseshoe. Difficulty Level 4/5

Made famous by Hulk Hogan this little number is easier than it looks, as it's essentially a goatee tidied up. You grow your hair both above and below the lips, as well as cheeks, then use a razor to carve out the shape, leaving the sides of the moustache in long vertical lines.

5. The Handlebar. Difficulty Level 5/5

I'm not sure it's possible to get the shift with this look, so it's not for the faint-hearted. Reminiscent of the handlebars of a bike, this look was once associated with the bravest heroes of war. To achieve this look, Barber Anthony Copeland says the hair should be "grown long and brushed from the centre to the side and twisted at each of the ends to create a point. The handles of the moustache are often bulked up using hair from the beard area beside the mouth rather than just relying on the upper lip hair." You should also use moustache wax to coax the curls.

If you cannot grow a moustache, you can still support Movember, by "Hosting a Mo'ment" or "Making a Mo've" for the cause. Read more here