Simple hack to remove sale sticker on gifts

Simple hack to remove sale sticker on gifts

As Christmas approaches, the wallet tends to become lighter and lighter.

Buying presents for parents, children, co-workers, your pet can be pretty expensive. Whether you are looking to remove the sales sticker on your gift or just the stickers in general, a TikTok user has revealed an easy way to do so.

On the video streaming app, TikTok user Tony shows us an effective way to remove the labels without leaving any remnants behind.

All that's needed is a sandwich toaster or a hair straightener.

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‘If you buy someone a cheap present and you want to hide the price, grab a [sandwich press], cook the price tag for about 20 seconds and the tag will come off as good as new.’

Last year, another TikToker went viral on the app for sharing her own technique to remove the price tag on an item using a strip of tape to ‘wax it off.’


Similar to waxing your leg, the woman took some tape from her dispenser, presses it onto the label and left a piece at the end as a handle. Just like you would with a wax strip, she then removed all of the stickers in seconds.

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