Ten ways Irish people react to a heatwave

Ten ways Irish people react to a heatwave

1. Check in at Costa del [Irish placename]

We bet you've seen a lot of people checking into Costa del Cork, Tallaght-cante, Bali-heigue, etc, on Facebook.

2. Reminisce about childhood summers


Remember when the summers were hotter, the ice cream was cheaper, and Sally O'Brien and the way she might look at you?

3. Pity teens sitting State exams


The poor craturs stressing about exams last month while the rest of us lost the run of ourselves in the sunshine.

4. Wonder if someone left the Child of Prague out for too long


Yes, you wanted nice weather for Maura's upcoming wedding, but did you remember to bring it back inside?

5. Embrace a usually neglected summer wardrobe

Finally, it's the weather for the 17 bikinis you bought in Penneys over the years. Shorts and skirts with NO tights underneath - unheard of.

6. Forget how to function normally

We hardly heard of air-conditioning before, now it's all anyone can talk about. It's nearly [whispers] too hot!

7. Eat every cone we can get our hands on

We'd eat a 99 in the dead of winter, so you can only imagine what the demand has been like in recent weeks.

8. Feel betrayed by sinuses

Spare a thought for our friends with hayfever.

9. Marvel at the temperature

Anything above the mid-teens is uncommon and must be documented.

10. Enjoy the views

If it was like this every day, shur we'd never leave the country.