Terminally ill man arrested for 'mooning' a speed camera

Terminally ill man arrested for 'mooning' a speed camera

Is this on your bucket list?

A terminally ill man has been arrested for mooning a speed camera.

Darrell Meekcom, who is 55, was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy last month. He decided to draw up a bucket list of things he would like to achieve before he dies. One of those things: to moon a speed camera!

The retired lecturer who also has Parkinson’s Disease and kidney problems saw the opportunity to tick off one of his tasks on the list after spotting a speed camera on Friday 5th November.

As his wife popped into Tesco near his home to buy some bread, Darrell got out of the car and bared his bum to a mobile speed camera van.


He didn't think anything of the act but just 20-minutes after returning home police arrived demanding to be let in.


Meekcom refused to let the police in and was reportedly wrestled to the ground in his garden.

Darrell’s wife Sarah, 36, filmed the arrest on her phone.

In the footage, Darrell can be heard saying "I’m terminally ill, I won’t be able to breathe like this.

‘This is ridiculous – I moonied a speed camera. I moonied a speed camera."


One female officer can be heard replying: "Well that is a significant statement that you have just made to us."

Mr Meekcom explains: "I'm quite happy to say that because it was one off my bucket list.

"I've just been diagnosed with multiple system atrophy. I'm terminally ill, I've got a very short time to live and it was one off my bucket list.

"Have you never wanted to moonie a speed camera? Well, I did."

According to Sky News, Meekcom has since been released under investigation on suspicion of indecent exposure and dangerous driving.

Following on from his release, the terminally ill man went to Kidderminster Hospital and was later referred to Worcestershire Royal Hospital due to fears he suffered a bleed to the brain.

He said: "I feel like I have been abused. It was outrageous bullying.

"They saw me as a big fellow. They maybe perceived me as a threat but because of my illnesses, a five-year-old child could knock me over.

"I have MSA, heart disease, kidney failure and Parkinson's Disease - I'm a threat to nobody. I use a wheelchair and need a Zimmer frame to get out of bed.

"They could have killed me very easily and even when I calmly explained the situation they carried on restraining me and cuffing me from behind.

"I feel it was an abuse of police power and privilege," he added.

Mr Meekcom also has a bungee jump and parachuting on his bucket list.