The sexiest tradesman job has been revealed

The sexiest tradesman job has been revealed
Credit: @hottradies Instagram

Many of us have lusted after a tradesman, and find the Snickers pants and toolbox brings a certain allure.

Now the sexiest trade has been revealed.

A new study by Fix Radio has found that more than 1 in 20 persons have had a romance with a tradie they met on the job, and the most popular tradesman is a painter or decorator.

9% of those surveyed said they had been smitten with a painter or decorator in their home, while 2% confessed to fancying a roofer. Other attractive tradies were electricians, scaffolders and builders.


A Fix Radio spokesman said: β€œFor many Brits, an interaction with a tradesperson will be as meaningful as making cups of tea, or thanking them on a finished job. However, we found that 6% of the 2,000 we polled admitted falling in love with their builders on the job."

Builder Tom Alexander said that many of his colleagues have gone on dates with customers, and some even got married to them.

β€œMost of them work out okay, but there have been some crazy stories. One plumber I know ended up taking years to finish a job because he and the customer had better things to do every time he went round."

Pump Distribution Company Anchor Pumps previously posed a catfish account with different trades to establish the most popular trade for Tinder matches. They found that women felt the biggest spark with the electrician, while the scaffolder came in second. The plumber and builder also had the ladies hot under the collar in joint third. The least "sexy" trades were landscaper, stonemason and welder.