TikToker receives backlash for dyeing pooch green to make him resemble the Grinch

TikToker receives backlash for dyeing pooch green to make him resemble the Grinch

Some pet owners love to get their fur babies into the festive spirit...

However, one dog lover and TikToker has divided opinion online as she posted a video of her pet Schnauzer, with his coat dyed red and green to resemble the Christmas Grinch.

Ashley Spielman took her dog Rizzo to his regular grooming parlour to turn him into the famous Dr Seuss character. She shared his festive transformation on her TikTok (@mondaygray) and the results are pretty startling

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The decision to change the dog's fur has split opinions, with some likening Rizzo's treatment to animal abuse.

"Poor puppy" and "So sad," wrote some users in the comments, while another wrote: "Kinda looks like animal abuse to me idk"

However, some supported Ashley's decision and felt it was all in good fun.

"Ya'll saying poor dog. Does he feel the hair dye, does it hurt? no lol. As long as it's pet safe literally who cares."


Speaking to Newsweek, Ashley defended her decision, recognising not everyone would agree with it.

"We love Christmas in our house and we absolutely love the Grinch," she said. My younger children watched the movie every night last year. So because schnauzers have grumpy faces, I thought he would be the perfect Grinch"

Ashley explained the dye was totally safe, and that her groomer was enthusiastic about transforming her little pooch into the Christmas character. The Tiktoker told Newsweek that she didn't mind that her dog's fashion would stir controversy online: "In this day and age I expect it," she said. "My goal in doing this was the spread happiness, smiles and Christmas spirit."