Top tips to protect pets this Halloween

Top tips to protect pets this Halloween

Halloween weekend is well and truly underway and although we all enjoy the spooky celebrations that come around every year, Halloween can be an incredibly stressful time for pets and pet-owners alike, as loud noises, busy crowds, and potentially dangerous foods seem to appear around every corner.

To ensure a safe, stress-free, happy Halloween for all, pet specialists Petmania have compiled a list of ten tips for protecting pets this Halloween:

1. Bring your pet to a quiet room and create a safety den, away from the main noise sources such as the front door, doorbell and fireworks. Provide a covered crate and comfortable bed and keep them company.

2. Keep chocolate out of reach - sweet treats can be fatal for pets.


3. A treat puzzle is a fantastic distraction to get pets through loud or stressful periods.

4. Costumes are optional – make sure that any pet costume is comfy and if your pet looks unhappy, don’t persist.

5. Stay indoors – the safest place for your pet is indoors, in a quiet, calm, space away from the visiting covens of trick or treaters.

6. Karma wraps are stress relieving coats that hug dogs tight to help calm and relax them. Available in size XS through to XL, online and instore, these are suitable for all dog breeds.


7. Candles & lanterns - can easily get knocked over by an excited pet. Keep them out of reach or use a battery operated version instead.

8. Wear reflective accessories - stay visible outdoors with reflective collars, leads and coats.

9. Pheromone diffusers and natural calming tools such as Pet Remedy, Adaptil or Feliway ranges which are available in Petmania.

10. Check ID Tags - to make sure that they are secure and the details correct. If your pet gets spooked and runs away, it will be easier to get him/her home safely.



Emily Miller of Petmania says, “Halloween is a time where we need to take extra care of our pets. A safety den is a brilliant tool to keep pets at ease. The most important advice we can give is to keep pets indoors for their safety.”