Twitter users in meltdown as Tipp hotel charges outrageous price for coffee & scone!

Twitter users in meltdown as Tipp hotel charges outrageous price for coffee & scone!

Irish Twitter has blown up over the past week as one South East hotel has charged a ridiculous price for a coffee and a scone.

Twitter user @Ciarasho tweeted a picture of a receipt following her time dining at The Cashel Palace in Co. Tipperary.


Located on Main Street in Cashel, Ciara spent close to €50 for three scones and three teas/coffees at Mikey Ryans Guinness Bar at the Cashel Palace Hotel.

This, however, included a gratuity charge of €4.50, with the price of the hot beverages and snacks coming in at €45 on the button.

The receipt shows that three people dined at the venue, which means that per person, the price of a cup of tea and a scone comes in at a staggering €15.


The receipt did not show the individual price of the hot beverage or the scone, but if you divide it by two that's €7.50 for a tea and another €7.50 for the scone!


According to the Cashel Palace Hotel's website menu, the price of a traditional afternoon tea at the venue comes to €50 even, which does in fact include tea/coffee and a range of scones.

However, it's not known whether or not this was the menu that Twitter user, Ciara, availed of.

Replying to users on Twitter, Ciara said that all she wanted was a cup of 'black coffee and a scone', and attended the venue with her Mum for Mother's Day.

Ciara claims that she didn't realise the price of the products, as she defended herself from Twitter users who slammed her for "not being able to read a menu."

Others sided with Ciara over the price of the coffee and scone, with one saying "I’m not in the least surprised they’re charging €15 for a coffee and scone. In fairness that’s pure unadulterated greed on behalf of the establishment."

Here are just some of the reactions to Tipp's beverage and scone price!

Would you pay €15 for a cup of tea/coffee and a scone? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Ciarasho Twitter