Viral video about why pen caps have a hole divides Insta users

Viral video about why pen caps have a hole divides Insta users
Credit: Wikicommons

An Insta Reel on the origin of the hole at the top of pen caps has gone viral after it left social media users divided.

Instagrammer Zack D took to Insta earlier in the month to explain that the hole on the top of pen caps has "nothing to do with ink" and is actually "far more critical" than people think.

The filmmaker explained that the hole is specifically designed to allow air flow through the cap if it gets stuck in someone's throat.

Whatsmore pen manufacturers must design pen caps with holes at the top to comply with health & safety regulations.


According to the US National Institute of Health, people chew on pens not only as part of a "nervous habit or... boredom" but also to "relieve tension headaches or jaw pain." Given that pen chewing is an everyday habit for most of us, it makes complete sense that manufacturers have built in this safety measure.

Still, that hasn't stopped disagreement on social media... one user said: "This is incredible, how did I not know this?"

While another commented: "Everyone knew this going 30 years back."

Another cited the law surrounding the implementation of pen cap holes, posting: "This requirement came out under ISO laws in 1993. Meaning about the time kids of the '70s and early '80s were older - the ones that learned not to do things by doing then once the hard way! Those generations already knew not to swallow pen caps."