It certainly took its time, but we can safely say that summer has officially arrived.

And with that comes a whole host of new iced-coffee creations to get our hands on.

Needless to say, we’re intrigued, so much so that we’ve compiled a list of the weird and wonderful ahead of the summer months…

Costa: The Salted Caramel Crunch Frostino:

One for those with a very sweet tooth. It may look like a leftover from Christmas — but they’ve added ice! Give whoever thought of this one chunky payrise…


Starbucks: The Nitro Cold Foam Brew:

The coffee that looks too much like a bad Guinness is set to become Starbuck’s next Pumpkin Spice Latte, well that’s if the Kardashian clan are to be believed. We’re not so sure…

Cafe Nero: Oat Milk Iced Latte:

Nothing screams hipster more than shoving milk, oats and coffee into a glass, so it’s bound to be a favourite among those who coffee shops to spin yarn. As you do…

Bewleys: The Cold Brew:
None of your notions here. Just plain old ice-cold coffee. Lovely. Wouldn’t fancy making it though; looks like a right pain.

Costa: The Coconut and Watermelon Fruit Cooler:

The Instagram will be hopping with this one. You can just imagine the hashtags #pink #totesgorge and #healthbuzz lighting up your newsfeed. #Nable.

Insomnia: The Oreo Icecap…

Topped with cream, blended Oreo chunks, we have to give this one irony-free thumbs up. Deadly.

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