Woman asks if you can take sick leave after a breakup

Woman asks if you can take sick leave after a breakup
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Should you be allowed to take time off work after a breakup?

One woman is dividing opinions online as she asks if she can call in sick to work following her relationship breakdown

Taking to the online forum, Mumsnet, the woman wrote "I'm going through a horrible relationship break down. We were together a long time and we have a young child (under two). I am heartbroken and I wake up every day and burst into tears straight away when the reality of my life hits. I have a sick feeling in my tummy all the time. I just want this to stop and go back to how it was before this happened."

She went on to say that she also has a physical health issue and had already been out of work earlier this year.


"My sickness record at work isn't the best, I've got physical health conditions that have flared up this year and had to have time off for them. My job is mentally demanding and it's not the sort of environment where being emotionally vulnerable is a good idea. Yet I'm in absolute turmoil inside."

She asked the forum "Can I be off work for this? Do people take time off for relationship breakdowns when they are feeling like I am?'"

Respondents were split in opinion about the best course of action in this situation.

"Sorry for your situation, but no I wouldn't take time off," said one user. "Not on top of a poor attendance record."


Another said "I wouldn't personally [take time off] but sounds like you're really struggling. I think it's best you go and get a sick note maybe.'

Many suggested the woman attend her GP and discuss taking medical leave. "Some people will judge you, but no one who's ever been through it. You should still see your doctor," said one user. Some also suggested that she be honest with her employer about experiencing stress and request more flexible work options.