Woman finds fish STILL ALIVE two days after placing it in her freezer

Woman finds fish STILL ALIVE two days after placing it in her freezer

Okay, now this is the stuff of nightmares...

A woman in the UK was shocked to find that a fish she had purchased from a local fishmonger was still alive 48 hours after placing it in her freezer.

Cindy Lao and her partner Paul Lewis-Borman bought the crucian carp on February 8th ahead of the Chinese New Year two days later.

It wasn't until Cindy took the carp out of the freezer to cook it for her supper that she made the startling discovery.


Speaking to The Metro, Paul said Cindy "called me down as she thought she had seen the carp’s gills moving."

It turned out Cindy's eyes weren't deceiving her — the carp was still alive.

Despite two days in the freezer and an unknown duration in cold storage at her local fishmongers, the fish had somehow managed to survive against all the odds.

At first, the couple contemplated putting the fish out of its misery but quickly had a change of heart – filling a bowl with water to place him in.


The exhausted carp slowly came around before he was put in their bath by the caring couple.

Coining him 'Lazarus' the couple moved to find a home for the amazing creature. "He needed to be rehoused", said Paul. "My girlfriend was paying the fish more attention than she did me."

After an online plea to find a home for their new friend, Lazarus, the fish that got a second chance, is now happily swimming about in a koi carp pond. Happy days!