Your microwave has a secret compartment you don't know about

Your microwave has a secret compartment you don't know about

You may have been missing a very important step in cleaning your microwave

Cleaning hacks have become increasingly popular online in the past few years with videos popping up to help you in your spring-cleaning journey.

A TikTok user went viral after revealing a secret compartment in your microwave that tends to be overlooked.

In the video, which has now racked up over 200 thousand likes on the platform, the woman shows where you might be missing a step when cleaning your microwave.

The video shows a step-by-step guide on how to thoroughly clean the charcoal microwave filter which has a vital role.


The cleaning began by removing the top plastic piece from her microwave, unveiling a filthy filter area which she then removed and left to soak in soapy water.

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The woman then cleaned the plastic filter cover with a soapy sponge and explained how it is vital that the filter is properly sanitised.

If you can't be bothered with the extra clean though, the woman did give an alternative hack: simply buy a replacement.


TikTok has responded in the best way it knows how; with utter confusion and disappointment that there's another task added to the kitchen clean-up.

"I'm tired of TikTok finding me more things to clean," said one user.

Another user joked: "TikTok just continues to tell me how useless I truly am as an adult."

FYI not all microwaves have filters which has confused some social media users. So on your next spring clean, it might be wise to check your users manual beforehand.