South-East musicians react to new hospitality restrictions

South-East musicians react to new hospitality restrictions

Kevin Galvin & Dean Egan

A Waterford songwriter says upcoming musicians need extra help as Ireland's slowly exits severe restrictions, and has called for support slots to be introduced to gigs this summer.

It's as NPHET has recommended a return of crowds to gigs and outdoor events today.

"In the coming year, I'd like to see the idea of the support slot being introduced to all these live streams that are happening" said Waterford-based singer Tadhg Williams, speaking to Beat News this morning.


"And hopefully, musicians of my since will be taken away from 'bedroom busking' and put on the stage again, and given opportunities by larger artists.

"Our way of promoting ourselves is gigging - trying to get support slots and trying to get on lineups at festivals, and that just didn't happen.

"And for musicians of our size, it's become a very difficult way. And we've had to come up with different ideas about how to promote ourselves online."

Up to 100 people will be left into outdoor events, 200 in larger stadia, and this number could rise to 5,000 over the course of the summer, should the rate of infection from Coronavirus stay at relatively low levels across the country.


It's a boost for local musicians, who reacted angrily to the Fรกilte Ireland recommendations earlier this week, that banned any live or loud music in bars and restaurants - who will not be allowed serve indoors until July 5th, with legal action planned by some in the hospitality sector over the delay.

Waterford native and musician with festival favourite band King Kong Company Mark Graham, told local radio the move is ridiculous.

"You can't apply the guidelines for Electric Picnic for somebody playing a harp at a function. There are differences in this.

"They say loud music, what is loud?! My father - God rest his soul - and I, have very different ideas about what loud music is.


"It's irrational and it's ridiculous for a government agency to recommend that."

The full announcement is expected to be made by An Taoiseach Micheรกl Martin this evening.