11 deaths on South East roads since the start of this year

By Cillian Doyle.

8 in 10 fatal collisions occur on rural roads.

New research by the RSA shows that 67 people have died on Irish roads between January and July 22nd of this year.

A total of 11 road fatalities occurred in the South East during the same period.


There were 5 road deaths in Tipperary, 4 in Wexford, 1 each in Kilkenny and Waterford.

Carlow is the only county in the region yet to experience a road death this year.

Research also found that rural roads, with speed limits of 80km per hour or higher, are the most likely places for a fatal collision to occur.

Speaking to Beat News, Carlow Road Safety Officer John McDarby says the old saying of 'slow down' is still so relevant:


"You might be expecting fatal accidents in the middle of the night but they are now happening in broad daylight and it's because our work pattern and movement patterns are changing."

"Speed is still a factor, it's that old message of slow down is very real and very relevant."