Tipperary International Peace Award Nominees announced

The shortlist for the 2016 Tipperary International Peace Award had been announced.

There's 6 Nominees in total which include Amal Clooney, Martin McGuiness and Amnesty International.

The awards have been presented for over 30 years.

Martin Quinn, Hon. Secretary of the Tipperary Peace Convention tells Beat News about the awards


"Well I suppose the aim of the Peace Convention and the Peace Award when it was founded, and it's still the same, Is to honour those who've promoted peace and peaceful co-operation both on a national and international stage.

That's fairly broad but that's really the ethos and aim of the convention is to honour those people who've gone that extra mile in the promotion of peace."

"We always get very good reaction.

Last year was quite exceptional with the now former US Secretary of state, John Kerry coming to Tipperary to receive the award, coming specially to Tipperary.


That's something we're very conscious of, the award recepients coming to Tipperary to receive it and we expect that to be the same this year."


The Nominees in full:

Amal Clooney


Fr. Patrick Devine

Martin McGuiness

Amnesty International(Ireland)

Syrian White Helmets

Lady Rabab al Sadir