7-year-old girl scalded at McDonald's settles action for over €65,000

7-year-old girl scalded at McDonald's settles action for over €65,000

A 7-year-old girl who was scalded when a cup of hot tea spilled on her in a McDonald’s restaurant has settled her High Court action for just over €65,000.

Sum Yee Nam was in the Mc Donald’s, Grafton Street branch in Dublin with her mother and sister when the accident occurred four years ago.

The incident involving the girl who is now 11 years of age Mr Justice Garrett Simons said seemed to him to be a very nasty accident which was confounded by the fact that the burns did not heal as hoped. The little girl, the judge said, had ongoing difficulties with her foot.

Mr Justice Simons said he was happy to recommend the assessment of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board for a total award of €65,700 which included €65,000 general damages and €700 in special damages.


Sum Yee Nam, Warrenstown Drive, Blanchardstown, Dublin had through her father Wing Fai Nam sued McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland Ltd over the accident on May 14th, 2017.

The little girl was in the McDonald's branch at Grafton Street, Dublin and sitting at a table with her mother and younger sister when the accident happened.

It was claimed that a McDonald's worker was attempting to clean the table when a cup of hot tea was accidentally knocked over and it spilled on the little girl’s legs and left foot.

Skin graft

It was claimed there was an alleged failure to take any or any adequate care when cleaning the table.


The little girl the court heard was in severe pain and very upset and brought to Temple Street Children’s Hospital where she was treated for a scalding injury to her left foot. She also had to have a painful skin graft and she has been left with scarring.

The girl, the judge was told has been left with two permanent scars which are visible.

In an affidavit to the court the girl’s father Wing Fai Nam said in the immediate aftermath of the accident his daughter was in severe pain and very upset. She also had to undergo a painful skin grafting procedure which added to her distress, he said.