‘A hospitality lockdown’: Business owners react to potential 5pm curfew

‘A hospitality lockdown’: Business owners react to potential 5pm curfew

Vivienne Clarke

The hospitality industry has reacted with fury to reports that the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) has recommended pubs and restaurants should shut at 5pm over the Christmas period.

It is understood Nphet has recommended the early closure in a letter sent to Government on Thursday evening.

Adrian Cummins, chief executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, described the proposed 5pm curfew as “effectively a hospitality lockdown.”


Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mr Cummins said the Nphet proposal would leave many businesses in a precarious position and that more financial supports would be necessary for the sector.

Michael O’Donovan of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland told the same programme that most pubs operated safely and that the Government needed to trust people. A 5pm curfew would be “devastating” for the industry.

If the Government were to proceed with the Nphet recommendation then more supports would be necessary or many businesses would not survive.

Mr Cummins added that the hospitality sector would always adhere to public health advice, but that the recent “mood changes” had been a huge shock to the industry.


“We are not seeing any engagement about how to ‘live with Covid’. We need a plan that is a viable solution for all businesses,” he said.

The Licensed Vintners Association, which represents Dublin publicans, tweeted that Nphet’s proposals were to “completely shut down hospitality without telling me you really want to shut down hospitality”.

Well-known hotelier Paul Gallagher, who runs Buswells Hotel next to the Dáil, said they had already lost €40,000 in business during December.


“It’s depressing to see my business collapse for the second year in a row. Not sure how much more of this we can take collectively. Realism is needed,” he said.

Mark O’Brien, the executive director of the Abbey Theatre, tweeted: “We have just managed to reconfigure as an industry to 50 per cent in a highly regulated and safe environment, More change now would be catastrophic, unwarranted.”

Sligo-Leitrim TD Marc MacSharry, who has been a persistent critic of Government policy in relation to restrictions described the proposed Nphet restrictions as “bananas”.

He tweeted: “Who runs this country? Look at HPSC data. Bananas. The spread is in households, schools and residential settings. Managed settings – ie play centres bowling alleys cafes bars and restaurants should be encouraged over private homes.”