Bebo is making a comeback

Bebo is making a comeback

Long before you could voice clip on WhatsApp or 'poke' your crush on Facebook, there was Bebo.

For many of us, Bebo was our first experience of Social Media.

Can you remember when you had to shout at your folks to get off the phone because you were choosing your 'top 16 friends' and 'sharing the luv' with your besties? We certainly can! After all, all we had was Dial-Up internet back in the day.

It's the news we've all been waiting for and 2021 just got a little better..


The social network of the noughties, Bebo, is making a comeback.

The website says that it will be back in February as a brand new social network and will go head-to-head to compete with the big contenders online.

If you're thinking that you can log back in where you left of, we've got some bad news.

Unfortunately, Bebo has said that any old data and photos from old log-ins are not able to be recovered.


So, you'll just have to recover your Emo selfies from that My Chemical Romance gig in 2005 another way!

Will you be signing back up?

Can you share the ‘luv’?

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