Briefing due on quarantine rule for arrivals in Ireland

Briefing due on quarantine rule for arrivals in Ireland

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) is expected to brief the government on the 14 day quarantine period for international travellers today.

The Government is due to publish a "green list" of countries next week, that are deemed safe to fly to.

The number of flights at Dublin Airport doubled yesterday, despite Government advice to avoid non-essential travel.

Dr. Jack Lambert, consultant in infectious diseases at the Mater Hospital, says the EU has created its own list.


Dr Lambert said: "The European Union have listed a number of safe countries including Canada, New Zealand and Australia where they have a really low instance of Covid-19.

"I think we actually have to start looking to the future and start thinking about when is travel safe.

"This new Covid situation may be ongoing for years and years to come."

The briefing follows reports in the Irish Independent that More than half of people arriving in Ireland are not answering calls to check they are self-isolating.


Anyone travelling into Ireland has to fill out a form telling officials where they plan to self-isolate for two weeks, but the quarantine itself isn't mandatory.

The Irish Independent reports that between the end of May and middle of June, calls were made to 684 recent arrivals.

But new figures show just 308 of the calls were answered.

There has been growing calls for clarity on the issue of international travel as health authorities continue to advise the public to refrain from leaving the country and holiday in Ireland.


The Government is drawing up a list of countries considered safe to travel with in order to create 'airbridges."

Travel agents are calling on the government to cancel all flights so consumers may be compensated properly and not left in limbo.