Budget 2023: Renters who live in house share can avail of €500 tax credit

Budget 2023: Renters who live in house share can avail of €500 tax credit

Renters who live in a house share will each be able to avail of a €500 tax credit.

It is just one of the measures announced today as part of Budget 2023.

It's been described as the largest Budget in the history of the state in response to the cost of living crisis.

An 11 billion euro package will be split between new measures and once off payments worth hundreds of euro.


One of the announcements made today by government is the €500 tax credit for people who are renting.

It will be allocated per renter, not rental unit.

For example, if there are three tenants renting a room in a house share, they'll each be able to claim the €500 tax credit individually.

However, the landlord of the property must be registered with the RTB.


Taniaste Leo Varadkar says this will give renters some much needed help.

"We are paying it this year and next year.

"So, for one single renter it's €1,000 that they will get in their pockets in the new year.

"For a couple renting its €2,000.


"It's not per tenancy, it's per renter."

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe and Minister for Public Expenditure Michael McGrath delivered the announcements for Budget 2023 this afternoon.

It is made up of an 11 billion euro aimed at pensioners, young families and students in particular.

Despite the record figures opposition parties have been finding holes in the plan.

There's been criticism of the social welfare budget, with some TDs saying while once off payments are welcome, they do nothing to end long term poverty.

Sinn Féin saying the €500 euro renters tax credit isn't nearly enough.

The main opposition party also saying the €1,000 cut in student fees shouldn't be just for one year.

The Social Democrats say the 25 per cent cut in childcare should be higher.

While it is the biggest giveaway budget since the Celtic Tiger, already there has been calls for more with Labour saying a mini-budget will be needed further into the winter.