Carrigstown residents to learn of Charlie's death tonight

Carrigstown residents to learn of Charlie's death tonight

Fair City will pay tribute to the late Tom Jordan in tonight’s episode, as the residents of Carrigstown learn of his character’s death.

Jordan, who played Charlie Kelly on the soap since its first episode almost 30 years ago, died in June this year surround by his wife and family.

The residents will gather at the community centre to honour the show’s loved character shortly after Bela receives the news of his passing from Canada.

At the time of Jordan's passing, Brigie de Courcy, Executive Producer of Fair City, described him as "the heart of Fair City."


"He played Charlie Kelly from the very first episode and was a huge part of our plans for the future," she said.

A consummate actor, and a strong advocate for his colleagues across the industry, he will remain a legend for the viewers and for everyone who had the privilege of working with him

Fellow Fair City actor George McMahon who plays Mondo says Jordan was a mentor and a friend to the entire cast.

"He was our shop steward for years and he always had some sage advice for actors young and old on how to get on in their own careers and how to settle in properly in RTÉ," said McMahon.


"I remember my first week in RTÉ feeling daunted working with all of these heavyweight actors and he put his arm around me, he gave me a tour of the set and he told me everything was going to be alright."

Tonight’s he will be remembered as the “heart of the community” and “a gentleman through and through”.

Grab the tissues.

Fair City airs on RTÉ One at 8.00pm