"Changing the closing time by an hour isn't the real problem" - Carlow Hotel Manager

"Changing the closing time by an hour isn't the real problem" - Carlow Hotel Manager


Changing the opening times of the hospitality sector won't reduce Covid-19 rates, according to the general manager of the Woodford Dolmen Hotel in Carlow.

The Department of Tourism has confirmed hotel bars will have to close from midnight tonight.

It had been initially said there would be an exemption from new closing hours for hotel bars.

But bars in hotels including residence bars will have to shut with everyone off the premises from midnight.


The rules will also apply to weddings held in those venues.

Venues such as Copper Face Jacks in Dublin have moved forward their opening hours to abide by the new guidelines.

Speaking to Beat News, General Manager of the Woodford Dolmen Hotel says the government needs to focus more on antigen testing:


"Changing the closing time by an hour isn't the real problem - I think the real problem is to make sure that we are using antigen testing and for some reason, they won't invest in it."

The Education and Health Ministers announced today that Antigen testing for asymptomatic close contacts will begin in primary schools on or before November 29th.

However, Mr. Duggan says a lot more could be done to ensure everyone can avail of antigen testing:

"I don't feel like we (the hospitality sector) have been rewarded - I feel as if we've been punished - I think there are other situations that the government could look at."


"When we consider the cost of funding the PUP funding, free antigen tests for everyone would not be a killer blow for the economy."

You can listen to the full interview below: