Clash of the Bamboo - Irish hurley makers struggle to source Ash

Clash of the Bamboo - Irish hurley makers struggle to source Ash

A sport known as 'the clash of the ash'.

But recently, hurleys made from bamboo have swept onto the scene, with many top players including Limerickโ€™s David Reidy, Seamus Flanagan and Gearoid Hegarty making the switch from ash.

It comes as the supply of ash continues to be a problem for hurley-makers across the country, due to a disease ravaging European forests.

Forestry specialist with Teagasc Tom Houlihan explains more about the disease, and its impact on the Irish supply.


"It's caused by an invasive fungal pathogen called 'hymenoscyphus fraxineus'.ย  ย ย 

"It's now prevalent throughout the country and is likely to cause future fatality."

Seรกn Torpey MD of Torpey, located on the Clare Limerick border, says it was the main reason they decided to develop the 'Bambรบ' hurley.

"Ash dieback was the biggest thing and we would have seen it coming down the road from about 2014.


"The bamboo hurley has a fairly straight grain through it.ย 

"For every three ash hurleys that break, one bamboo hurley would break."

So whether the bash of the bamboo, will replace the clash of the ash in years to come - That still remains to be seen...

But what's a certainty, is that both Limerick and Kilkenny will go in all guns blazing, in the All Ireland Senior Hurling final.