Drivers in the US could soon personalise license plates with emojis

Drivers in the US could soon personalise license plates with emojis

We live in a world where emojis are no longer for the sole use of expressing our emotions and substituting body language and tone of voice in text and social media-based communication.

Emojis and what they represent have implemented themselves into everyday life as an important part of communicating with one another but they are increasingly being used in various campaigns, advertisements and marketing strategies.

Emojis made their way into animated film with the 2017 release of the Emoji Movie based on the smileys and graphics used in electronic messages.

Smiley faces have even recently been suggested as a means of improving and promoting road traffic safety on Irish roads.


Gardaí in Cork believe 'smiley faces' on speed detector signs are just as good, if not even more effective at slowing down drivers than GoSafe vans.

Councillors representing the Macroom Municipal District Council wrote to the gardaí asking them to monitor speeding through the mid-Cork village of Carrigadrohid with the viewpoint likely to persuade even more communities in Co Cork to invest in the speed detector signs.

In a report compiled by Roads Policing Unit Sergeant Thomas Lehane on the matter, he said that he believed that the speed-activated 'smiley face' detectors being used by the council are an excellent idea.

“I've seen this in operation near the Blair Inn licensed premises. It appears motorists gravitate to make the sign 'smile', which means their speed is reduced," Sgt Lehane wrote in his report.


Now, it has emerged that drivers living Stateside could soon have the choice of personalising their license plates with an emoji of their choice.

A bill has been filed in the US State of Vermont that would give people the option to use some of the characters as a customisation option.

The proposal suggests the emoji could be combined with numbers and letters to create a license plate.

Queensland in Australia saw a similar bill passed last year which allowed residents order license plates with one of five different emoji options, including tears of joy face, sunglasses emoji, smiling emoji, winking emoji, and heart eyes emoji for a fee of $340 Australian dollars.