Dublin-bound flight diverts to Canada following sudden medical emergency

A Dublin-bound flight was forced to divert to an airport in Canada early today after a passenger suffered a suspected stroke.

Delta Airlines flight DL-44 departed New York at 3.15am Irish time with 188 passengers and crew on board.

Almost two hours later, when the Boeing 767-400 jet was west of Newfoundland in Canada, the crew contacted air traffic controllers at Gander Centre to advise them they were declaring a medical emergency.

The crew reported they had a man in his 50s on board who was showing symptoms of a "possible stroke" and confirmed they wished to divert to St. John’s in Newfoundland.


At the time, the flight was about 200kms north of St John’s International Airport.

The crew was cleared to descend and continue to St John’s where it landed safely shortly after 6am.

The aircraft was met at the terminal by airport authorities and emergency medical services.

The man was assessed and treated at the airport before being removed to hospital for treatment.


The flight departed at 10.20am, over four hours after first diverting, and is now due in Dublin shortly after 2pm today.