'Ecocide' will become as famous as genocide, according to Waterford MEP

'Ecocide' will become as famous as genocide, according to Waterford MEP

'Ecocide' is going to become as infamous as genocide in the coming years.

That's the prediction from a Waterford Green MEP.

In a resolution passed by the European Parliament, MEPs have called for the term to have legal clout at the International Criminal Court.

Tramore native Grace O'Sullivan, says there is huge pressure to hold to account those responsible for environmental devastation.


"I have no doubt that in the coming years we wills ee legislation, not only at European level, but at a member state level.

"Because the public wants to see action against the perpetrators."

O'Sullivan also believes that cases of environmental abuse should end up at the same international court where war crimes are heard.

The European Parliament resolution has also demanded more action on biodiversity. with MEPs worried about habitats being destroyed, not only here, but in developing countries too.


Tramore native MEP for Ireland South, Grace O'Sullivan, explains:

"What this is doing it is it recognising the importance of humans relationship with nature.

"And if there's acts of abuse towards nature, that it's not only affecting the nature itself but it's also affecting human beings.

"Because we depend on nature, it's a part of our own life support system."