Five times Irish messers went too far

Five times Irish messers went too far

Sure, where would we be without a bit of messing?

If we're not fooling about on our way to winning Olympics medal, we're making total legends of ourselves at some far flung soccer tournament. 

But sometimes, just sometimes all this messing can go a little, well, too far. 

From a reaction you never expected, to inflicting irreparable damage, we've all had one of those moments where the world melts around us.


The consequence? Total regret for such foolish antics. 

But we at Beat salute you messers! And what better way to do this then looking back at the best examples of what happens when Irish messers go beyond the point of no return.

1. George Hook - Naked Camera

Comedian and hidden-camera prankster, PJ Gallagher, tried to catch the man who once held Thomand Park in the same regard as Lourdes and Knock. Shouting and a heck of a lot of pointing followed.


2. Toilet Prank

These students from Northern Ireland thought it would be a great idea to frighten the bejesus out of their housemate by throwing a firework -- into their toilet. Their landlord was sound about it, apparently.

3. TG4's Weather Prank


TG4's Special Effects Department pulled out all the stops to make their weather presenter, Caitlín Nic Aoidh, vanish. Unfortunately, some distressed viewers actually believed she had been electrocuted. 

4. Leek in the Sink Prank

 We never think of mammies as an aggressive sort, but push them too far and this might happen...

5. Prisoner Comes Homes - The Fear

A total stranger poses as this older couple's criminal son in what was one of the most outrageous pranks to grace Irish TV. We couldn't help but feel sorry for the couple - but hey, at least they were willing to make him a sambo and a cuppa.


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