Free online Mental Health workshop taking place tonight at 7pm

Free online Mental Health workshop taking place tonight at 7pm

By Joleen Murphy

People across the South East are being encouraged to join a free webinar tonight focusing on mental health.

"Let's talk about mental health" is a free live and interactive on-line wellness workshop - that takes place at 7pm.

It's being hosted by SOS facilitator Bob Carley and people can register on


Speaking to Beat news, Liam Brazil from SOS Waterford, says everyone has been impacted by the pandemic.

"People who were not victims of mental health before and were not suffering, they are suffering now.

"This is hard on people with mental health issues."

Earlier today the Taoiseach says he’s "very worried" about the mental health of the country after almost a year living through a pandemic.


This week, the government announced an additional 10 million euro for mental health services and have moved people with severe mental illnesses up the priority list for a Covid-19 vaccination.

Micheál Martin says the government plans to work with organisations to support people struggling with their mental health.

"To work with organisations to see what more we can do to strengthen them and to give them the resources to deal with the stress and anxiety that is certainly out there among people because of Covid-19.

"I am very worried about that and it's an issue that we continue to focus on."


You can register for the free, live, interactive, online wellness workshop "Let's talk about mental health", which takes place tonight at 7pm, at