Gardaí arrest motorist for driving stolen car to court appearance

Gardaí arrest motorist for driving stolen car to court appearance
The Toyota Yaris in question, Source: Garda Traffic

Gardaí have arrested a motorist who drove a stolen car to and from a court appearance.

The driver of a silver Toyota Yaris had already appeared in court when on their way home they were stopped by members of the Commerical Vehicle Garda Unit in Dublin City Centre.

On closer inspection, it was apparent that the thief had removed the key barrel from the ignition.

The motorist was promptly arrested with another court appearance to follow.


Taking to the @gardatraffic Twitter account, Gardaí said: "The Commercial Vehicle Unit intercepted this stolen car earlier today in Dublin city centre.  The driver was on their way home from a court appearance that same day.  Driver arrested...again."


The incident follows a previous unrelated arrest on Irish roads this month when a motorist was found to be violating a number of driving laws.

The driver of the silver BMW 5-Series was stopped by the Tipperary Road Policing Unit in Nenagh last week.


Having been initially stopped for driving a vehicle without a valid tax certificate that had expired almost 962 days previously, it was then discovered that the motorist did not hold a valid driver's licence or car insurance.

Once the rogue motorist underwent a drugs test it was discovered that they were also driving while under the influence of cocaine and cannabis.

The motorist was then arrested with an appearance in court to follow.

Taking to the @gardatraffic Twitter account, Gardaí said: "Tipperary RPU intercepted this car in Nenagh and discovered the driver held neither a licence nor insurance.

"The motorist was then arrested on suspicion of drug driving, having failed a test for cocaine & cannabis. Vehicle seized & court appearance to follow."