Gardaí help deliver baby on side of motorway for couple travelling from Carlow

Gardaí help deliver baby on side of motorway for couple travelling from Carlow
Richard Oxley and Garda Sean-Smyth, Garda Info

Two heroic Gardaí acted quickly in a time of need recently by providing "urgent medical assistance" to help deliver a baby on the side of a motorway.

Richard Oxley and Garda Sean Smyth were on overnight duty at Naas Garda Station on Wednesday last when they were alerted by the Garda Command & Control Centre to a call for help from a couple travelling along the M7 from Carlow to Dublin.

A heavily pregnant woman had gone into labour mid-journey with her contractions occurring one minute apart.

After locating the couple, both Gardaí acted quickly to provide medical assistance to keep the mother safe ahead of the ambulance's arrival.


Amazingly, just before their ambulance arrived at the scene, the mother gave birth to a baby boy.


Commenting on the incredible birth story, Gardaí thanked both Richard Oxley and Sean Smyth for their fast response before going on to say that they are "thrilled to know that this little family are doing well."

Gardaí continued: "[The] baby is taking it all in after an exciting trip into the world!"

Gardaí save woman trapped in burning building


This isn't the first time Gardaí have helped someone in need in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, two Gardaí saved a woman from the basement of a burning building in Dublin.

In the early hours of March 2nd at approximately 12:35 am Garda Dean Gahan and Garda Steven Carton responded to reports of a large fire at a residence in Monkstown, County Dublin.

On arriving at the scene, they observed smoke emanating from the building before being made aware of the presence of a woman in the property's basement.

The two Gardaí then rushed through the building's hall door and made their way towards the basement, recovering the woman in her 20s and bringing her to safety.

A man in his 70s was also observed by the Gardaí at the rear of the building and subsequently brought to safety. The individual is currently being treated at St. Vincent's hospital where he is expected to make a complete recovery.

Occupants of nearby residences were also evacuated by the Gardaí.

Speaking after the event, Chief Superintendent Matthew Nyland commended the Gardaí for their bravery, before going on to say that he's "proud" of them.