Giant 99 cone stolen from garage returned to owner at last!

Giant 99 cone stolen from garage returned to owner at last!
Giant plastic ice cream cone

A missing giant ice-cream cone has been returned to its owner in Co Donegal - after locals decided to take matters into their own hands.

The massive replica 99 was taken from outside the Circle K garage at Glencar in Letterkenny during the current hot spell of weather.

An SOS was sent out to see if enough publicity could be whipped up to 'cone-r' the culprits and solve the cold case.

Gardaí issued an appeal and revealed they had CCTV footage of the theft.


Garda Grainne Doherty pleaded with anyone who came across the cone to get in touch with Letterkenny Gardaí.

"Somebody has seen this cone," Garda Doherty said.

"If a giant ice-cream cone has appeared in your living room or your friends' apartment, somebody knows something about this these things are quite expensive and times are hard for businesses. We are anxious to have this item returned to the owner."

Garda Doherty appealed to those who took the cone to return it.


"To whoever did take it, it might have been a moment of madness, drop it back."

After trying 'hundreds and thousands' of different avenues of enquiry, the cone has managed to find its way back to its rightful owners.

A spokesperson for the garage said they were just delighted to be reunited with the giant cone.

"We would like to thank the individual who helped us retrieve the cone. Let your friends know it's safe after its adventure," laughed a spokesperson for the garage.


Bizarrely, there has been a spate of similar robberies in recent months in and around Letterkenny with similar thefts taking place at Tobins Filling Station and also Callaghan's XL shop.

Story by Stephen Maguire

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