GRA calls for tactical training for Gardaí

GRA calls for tactical training for Gardaí

The body representing frontline Gardaí is raising concerns about how prepared we are to deal with a terror attack.

The GRA also says its members are not being trained properly on how to use firearms.

The Garda Representative Association has almost 12,000 members across the country.

It is holding its annual conference in Wexford, where it is once again calling for tasers and bodycams for all frontline Gardaí.


GRA President Ciaran O’Neill says his members are also at risk because of a lack of tactical training.

"You're taught how to shoot a gun, how to hold a gun, how to handle a gun, but not any tactics around it," he said.

"That's one of the biggest deficits. It's one of the issues with respect to training we would be looking to be developed.

I can shoot a target or a piece of wood 20 feet away, but I'm not told how to duck or dive.


There are also calls for more Armed Support Units across the country along with new stab vests.

Later this morning mental health issues facing those in the force will be up for debate.

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