Helpline for male victims of domestic violence sees surge in calls

Helpline for male victims of domestic violence sees surge in calls

By Joleen Murphy

A helpline for male victims of domestic violence says it's seen a 35 percent increase in calls during the pandemic.

Men's Aid Ireland says it dealt with about 5,500 contacts during 2020.

The charity says most calls are about an abusive relationship, with 95 percent of cases involving a wife or female partner.


Kathrina Bentley, CEO of Men's Aid, says they began to offer free counselling services last year due to the demand.

"We kicked in with counselling by phone and 275 men came froward for that free service.

"We defintiely saw the surge continued in January.

"On the 4th of January we had 35 successful calls on that day alone."


The charity says it's struggling to cope with demand for its services with the surge in calls to its helpline during the pandemic.

Kathrina Bentley says they need support to run the helpline.

"We very much acknowledge that the funding that is there is not enough for women and children because they are obviously the majority of victims and survivors of domestic violence.

"Our call to government is to increase the funding for all genders. Our funding alone is 1% of the national budget."


To contact Men's Aid Ireland call  01-5543811 or visit

Photo credit: Pexels Images/Inzmam Kahn