'I wish it was all over': Emma Mhic Mhatuna reveals cancer has spread to her brain

'I wish it was all over': Emma Mhic Mhatuna reveals cancer has spread to her brain

Terminally ill Emma Mhic Mhatuna has shared the news that her cancer has spread to her brain.

Ms Mhic Mhatuna posted on Facebook that she had just received the devastating news.

"I found out today the cancer has spread to my brain," she wrote.

"I'm not scared just heartbroken. I love my life, my children and all of you, my new found friends."


She was originally diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016 after receiving two incorrect smear test results. Earlier this year, the mother-of-five was told that she was dying of cancer.

Last week she settled her case against the HSE and a US lab for €7.5 million euro.

The news comes as it was revealed today that the number of women affected by the cervical check scandal has risen to 221.


Ms Mhic Mhatuna spoke from hospital to Miriam O'Callaghan on RTÉ Radio 1 about receiving the news that it has now spread to the left side of her brain.

"My tumours have gotten significantly bigger but now it's spread to the left side of my brain," she said.

"The symptoms will be seizures, loss of speech, concentration, loss of words, so I'm just a bit upset obviously."

She said there is no treatment available to her due to her Crohn's disease.


"I am in the best of care. I don't know, it's just very sad, isn't it?"

Breaking down into tears, Ms Mhic Mhatuna said she is not scared of dying because she has her faith but she finds it hard to explain to her children what they will have to do if she has a seizure.

"It's the not knowing and trying to explain to my children that if I have a seizure, this is what you have to do and this is who you have to ring.

"It's just so uncertain and I don't like the unpredictability and how quick it's going. It's just, I suppose, I have no control over it. In some ways I wish it was all over."

Ms Mhic Mhatuna said the money from her recent settlement will make sure her five children will be taken care of.

She spoke about telling her children everything as it happens but stays strong when they are around, adding it is only when they are not in her company she breaks down.

"The €7.5 million doesn't make any difference, I went in there taking no nonsense, I just wanted my children taken care of."

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