Irish pub has introduced a Covid-19 jar to fine people talking about the virus

Irish pub has introduced a Covid-19 jar to fine people talking about the virus

Louise Walsh

An Irish pub has introduced a 'Covid-19 jar' to fine people who talk about the virus on the premises.

Managers of The Alt Bar in Killea, Co Donegal were so fed up with the constant chat about the virus that they decided to put an end to it and now charge customers €2 every time they mention Covid-19.

The jar was only introduced on Friday night by Christopher Moore and Conor McDevitt but already has amassed €110 which will all go to the Donegal Hospice.


"We were just joking about with customers that we were fed up hearing about Covid-19 constantly every day, so I did up a Covid-19 jar and the customers love it," said Christopher

"We are getting brilliant feedback and a few people, including a local councillor, who have been caught have taken it as it is - just a bit of craic.

"We know Covid-19 is still there and in no way are we saying the situation isn't serious but we just want to have somewhere to go to escape from being reminded of the C word.

"It was actually funny because after two years of talking about it, when we introduced the jar, there was silence. People didn't really know what else to talk about inititally.


"So we are back chatting about local issues, politics and global warming and just having the craic again.

"And if anyone gets caught - sure all the money goes to a good cause anyway and many people are even giving more than €2 or donating anyway because it all goes to charity."

The Covid-19 jar at The Alt Bar in Killea, Co Donegal.

The Alt Bar said the current restrictions of 8pm closing time have hit them hard as Derry is only over the border where restrictions don't apply to pubs.


"We're doing the best we can, and we have introduced music from 5.30 to 7.30pm at weekends. However, we are only a €5 taxi ride away from Derry where pubs stay open until 1am so when customers hear we are closing at 8pm, they book their taxi for the short trip to carry on their night."