IT Carlow SU President 'heard nothing' about TUSE announcement

IT Carlow SU President 'heard nothing' about TUSE announcement

The President of the IT Carlow Students Union says he was never contacted by the college, before today's major announcement concerning a new Technological University for the South-East.

Speaking to Beat News upon hearing the news, Drury said nobody in the college had informed him that the date for the establishment for the new university will now be May 1st, five months later than previously expected.

And while the ITCSU President is wholly in favour of the merger of the two colleges, he was left unhappy with a lack of communication from Carlow IT.

"I haven't heard anything as of yet from the institute..." Drury told Beat news, following the public announcement by Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris ".... I'm waiting a call but the first I heard was social media.


"(I'm) not too pleased about that being honest, not pleased at all - but look I'm aware of the situation now and hopefully the phone rings very soon with an official update."

Drury also called the timing of the announcement 'strange' saying it's coming mere days before summer exams begin next year, and also leaves any plans the two students unions had in tatters, with only a few months to develop a new plan.

"It gives a lot of complications for Students Unions and Student Union elections; What are we going elect people to? Are we electing people to a new Students Union or to an old Students Union?

"We have to figure out those type of things. We're hoping to merge the two unions, we're going to have one overall President of the Students Union which we were hoping to elect in and around April this year, but now the decision that it will be moved to May 1st we have to get our heads together and decide if we're going to keep the old systems for another year, or if we're going to amalgamate straightaway.


"We had a clear plan in place to vote in favour of an amalgamated constitution which we're hoping to do later on this month, but I mean that's all out the window now.

"Now we have to regroup, get our thoughts together and develop a new timeline for May 1st.

"Everything has to be pushed out five months, which means there's going to be a lot of work ahead."