LISTEN: "I don't believe young people are intentionally catching Covid" - Health Minister says

By Cillian Doyle.

The median age of those infected by Covid-19 is 24.

It comes as 1,408 new cases of the virus have been reported today.

There has been reports that younger people are intentionally catching Covid to avail of a Digital Covid Cert sooner.


According to the Independent, a doctor in the Midlands says he has noticed 'a number' of young people have attended social events to 'intentionally' catch the virus.

The paper also reports that they might be trying to gain access to a Digital Covid Cert.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly visited WIT Arena's vaccination centre this afternoon.

Speaking to Beat News, he says he doesn't think that's the case:


"I think young people have been absolutely phenomenal - they have had a dreadful time - I have been talking to students who have had to do a whole year in their bedrooms rather than get some must of the important year of their lives on campus. Every single time they have stepped up and I don't believe they are intentionally cathing Covid."

Meanwhile, University Hospital Waterford will receive a second Cath Lab.

Minister Donnelly also added that the Cath Lab will be the same as the existing one:

"I can confirm adn categorically say that the new centre will have exactly the same equipment as the existing Cath Lab and it will do both diagnostic and intervention."


Listen to the full interview here: