LIVE: Election 2016 - Carlow-Kilkenny

LIVE: Election 2016 -  Carlow-Kilkenny

15 candidates contesting 5 seats
Bobby AYLWARD (FF)*, Pat DEERING (FG)*, David FITZGERALD (FG), Kathleen FUNCHION (SF), Keith GILLIGAN (Ind), Conor MACLIAM (AAA-PBP), Paddy MANNING (Ind), John MCGUINNESS (FF)*, Patrick MCKEE (Ren) Jennifer MURNANE-O'CONNOR (FF),  Malcolm NOONAN (GP), Ann PHELAN (Lab)*, John Paul PHELAN (FG)*, Adrienne WALLACE (AAA-PBP), Noel G. WALSH (Ind)

* = denotes out-going TD's


00:07 That's it from me, we've had one change, as Ann Phelan leaves her role and is replaced by Sinn Fein's Kathleen Funchion.


TD's in full: John McGuinness (FF), John Paul Phelan (FG), Kathleen Funchion (SF), Bobby Aylward (FF) and Pat Deering (FG)


Bobby Aylward (FF): 11335
Pat Deering (FG): 11149
Kathleen Funchion (SF): ELECTED
John McGuinness (FF): ELECTED
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 9518
John Paul Phelan (FG): ELECTED

Bobby Aylward has been elected, while Pat Deering has made an incredible comeback to claim the 5th seat ahead of Jennifer Murnane O'Connor.



Bobby Aylward (FF): 11077
Pat Deering (FG): 8935
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 11,720
John McGuinness (FF): ELECTED
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 9459
John Paul Phelan (FG): 14200

John Paul Phelan and Kathleen Funchion have both been elected. Surplus of Phelan being distributed. We're not finished here yet!

2248 After looking at the figures, there's a huge possibility we're in recount territory here. Next count could be huge.



Bobby Aylward (FF): 10634
Pat Deering (FG): 7675
David Fitzgerald (FG): 6588
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 11,516
John McGuinness (FF): ELECTED
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 9371
John Paul Phelan (FG): 10222

Kathleen Funchion just shy of the quota. With David Fitzgerald now eliminated, John Paul Phelan could be elected in the next count also.

Jennifer Murnane O'Connor isn't transferring well. She could be under pressure from Pat Deering.

21:31 John McGuiness' dog has joined the celebrations at The Hub


Bobby Aylward (FF): 10030
Pat Deering (FG): 6940
David Fitzgerald (FG): 5721
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 10970
John McGuinness (FF): ELECTED
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 9049
Ann Phelan (Lab): 5596
John Paul Phelan (FG): 8450

Ann Phelan has lost her seat. Her votes will be distributed.

20:47 SEVENTH COUNT - Full results

Bobby Aylward (FF): 9956
Pat Deering (FG): 6937
David Fitzgerald (FG): 5686
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 10934
John McGuinness (FF): 11903
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 9023
Ann Phelan (Lab): 5566
John Paul Phelan (FG): 8420

John McGuinness has been elected and his surplus of 234 will be distributed


20:03 SIXTH COUNT - 11669

Bobby Aylward (FF): 9803
Pat Deering (FG): 6829
David Fitzgerald (FG): 5355
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 10228
John McGuinness (FF): 11490
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 8919
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 3660
Ann Phelan (Lab): 4740
John Paul Phelan (FG): 8080

John McGuinness is 179 off the Quota, fully expected to be elected in the next count. Malcolm Noonan has been eliminated.

1941 Jennifer Murnane O'Connor is the last candidate to arrive.. just a few hours after the first count


Bobby Aylward (FF): 9549
Pat Deering (FG): 6693
David Fitzgerald (FG): 5122
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 9856
John McGuinness (FF): 10965
Patrick McKee (Ren): 3005
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 8745
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 3208
Ann Phelan (Lab): 4548
John Paul Phelan (FG): 7768

Still as you were. Patrick McKee eliminated.

18:56 Just witnessed a moment of cuteness when Malcolm Noonan (Green) was rolling around the floor playing with his kids.

18:37 FOURTH COUNT - QUOTA: 11669

Bobby Aylward (FF): 9491
Pat Deering (FG): 6623
David Fitzgerald (FG): 5106
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 9094
John McGuinness (FF): 10886
Patrick McKee (Ren): 2752
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 8540
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 2816
Ann Phelan (Lab): 4465
John Paul Phelan (FG): 7713
Adrienne Wallace (PBP): 2342

Still nobody elected. John McGuinness still leading the way. Kathleen Funchion expected to get a nice chunk of the transfers of Adrienne Wallace, who has been eliminated

18:04 THIRD COUNT - QUOTA: 11669

Bobby Aylward (FF): 9469
Pat Deering (FG): 6606
David Fitzgerald (FG): 5094
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 8891
Conor MacLiam (AAA): 1231
John McGuinness (FF): 10823
Patrick McKee (Ren): 2656
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 8502
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 2717
Ann Phelan (Lab): 4442
John Paul Phelan (FG): 7689
Adrienne Wallace (PBP): 1769

Still no candidate elected. McGuinness getting closer and closer though.

17:51 There could be a third count on the way, and I have to say, I'm wrecked already. Send food please.


Bobby Aylward (FF): 9375
Pat Deering (FG): 6580
David Fitzgerald (FG): 5021
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 8838
Conor MacLiam (AAA): 1179
John McGuinness (FF): 10545
Paddy Manning (NP): 1142
Patrick McKee (Ren): 2511
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 8436
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 2655
Ann Phelan (Lab): 4396
John Paul Phelan (FG): 7577
Adrienne Wallace (PBP): 1728

Paddy Manning is eliminated and his votes will be distributed. Quota is 11669.


16:08: I thought I was getting a first count, then the Returning Officer sat back down again. Tense.

15:33: RO annnounces declaration of invalid papers and calls on representitives, very close to a first count here!


14:50: Bobby Aylward is now DEFINITELY in the building. As is Patrick McKee, Adrienne Wallace and Keith Gilligan.

14:37: Just went outside the count centre in the market here at The Hub, found this stand



The final tally is in!

Bobby Aylward (FF): 13.7%
Pat Deering (FG): 8.9%
David Fitzgerald (FG): 7.4%
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 12.4%
Keith Gilligan (NP): 0.7%
Conor MacLiam (AAA): 1.7%
John McGuinness (FF): 15.1%
Paddy Manning (NP): 1.6%
Patrick McKee (Ren): 3.7%
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 11.7%
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 3.8%
Ann Phelan (Lab): 6%
John Paul Phelan (FG): 11%
Adrienne Wallace (PBP): 2.2%
Noel Walsh (NP): 0.3%

Well well well. Could be 3FF, 1FG and 1SF. First count expected at around 4 o clock.


183 of 202 boxes open so far, I can't cope

Bobby Aylward (FF): 13.5%
Pat Deering (FG): 9.2%
David Fitzgerald (FG): 7.3%
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 12.4%
Keith Gilligan (NP): 0.7%
Conor MacLiam (AAA): 1.7%
John McGuinness (FF): 15%
Paddy Manning (NP): 1.6%
Patrick McKee (Ren): 3.7%
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 12.1%
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 3.7%
Ann Phelan (Lab): 6%
John Paul Phelan (FG): 10.7%
Adrienne Wallace (PBP): 2.2%
Noel Walsh (NP): 0.3%

This is getting very tense. John Paul Phelan is mounting a comeback. Now the leading Fine Gael candidate.


Senator Pat O'Neill tells us this is around 75% of the boxes

Bobby Aylward (FF): 11.4%
Pat Deering (FG): 10.7%
David Fitzgerald (FG): 8%
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 12.3%
Keith Gilligan (NP): 0.8%
Conor MacLiam (AAA): 1.7%
John McGuinness (FF): 15.9%
Paddy Manning (NP): 1.6%
Patrick McKee (Ren): 3.9%
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 14%
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 3.9%
Ann Phelan (Lab): 5.8%
John Paul Phelan (FG): 7.9%
Adrienne Wallace (PBP): 2.2%
Noel Walsh (NP): 0.2%

In a nutshell, HEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!

12:50: I went to the butcher to enquire about those sausage rolls but unfortunately he couldn't cook them for me. If anyone has a bit of food I would greatly appreciate it.


135 out of 202 boxes

Bobby Aylward (FF): 9.45%
Pat Deering (FG): 12.6%
David Fitzgerald (FG): 7.8%
Kathleen Funchion (SF): 12.4%
Keith Gilligan (NP): 0.9%
Conor MacLiam (AAA): 1.7%
John McGuinness (FF): 15.8%
Paddy Manning (NP): 1.6%
Patrick McKee (Ren): 3.8%
Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor (FF): 16.9%
Malcolm Noonan (Green): 3.8%
Ann Phelan (Lab): 5.4%
John Paul Phelan (FG): 5.7%
Adrienne Wallace (PBP): 2.5%
Noel Walsh (NP): 0.2%

The good news, we're nearly finished with the tallies. The bad news, I'm going to be here until Monday.

Overall FF could be in contention to claim 3 seats. A massive 2 seat gain on 2011.


55% tally is now complete. Taking in Carlow and some of Kilkenny.

Jennifer Murnane O'Connor (FF) - 35.5%
Pat Deering (FG) - 26.5%
Kathleen Funchion (SF) - 13.4%
Ann Phelan (Lab) - 5.3%

Could be a very good day for Fianna Fail, if John McGuinness can perform as well in Kilkenny City and Bobby Aylward in South Kilkenny.

Some SF members delighted with Kathleen Funchion's poll in Carlow.

12:02: Still no sign of any of the candidates here. There were whispers Bobby Aylward was around but it doesn't seem to be true

11:38: Went for a walk around Cillin Hill, there's a little market on and I found this hanging as well. It names all the GAA clubs in Kilkenny. Quite cool in my opinion.

11:21: It's gone very quiet on the tally front here. Something in the air I wonder?

11:13: We've had the butcher over the intercom again. Really starting to get hungry now.

1050: Carlow tallies are so tight here. Only 0.7% between Murnane O'Connor (FF) and Deering (FG) with all Carlow boxes open.


75% of Carlow boxes have been tallied, and it indicates that it will be very close between Pat Deering (FG) and Jennifer Murnane O'Connor for a seat from Carlow. Deering is on 31% and Murnane-O'Connor 28%.

Elsewhere, Kathleen Funchion (SF) appears to be performing strongest of the Kilkenny candidates with 11.5%, with Ann Phelan (Lab) and John Paul Phelan (FG) both on 8%


0958: Counting is hectic here

09:50: The local butcher in Cillin Hill has just come over the intercom to announce today's specials. Great deals on sausage rolls and spring rolls apparently.

0915: No sign of any of the candidates thus far. First boxes open are from Carlow. Councillor Fintan Phelan told us it seems to be going in favour of Carlow candidates so far.

0800: Good morning! Welcome to our live blog for the Carlow-Kilkenny count here at The Hub in Kilkenny. I'm Andrew and I'll be keeping you up to date with all the action throughout the day.

As you can see, the 5 out-going TD's are aiming to secure their seats once again, they are Bobby Aylward, Pat Deering, John McGuinness, Ann Phelan and John Paul Phelan. However, keep an eye on the progress of both Kathleen Funchion and Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor who may just ruffle a few feathers.

We could be in for a long day at the Hub. The boxes will open at 0900 and we should start seeing the first tallies within 90 minutes of the boxes opening, but such as the nature of the consitituency it might not be until late-afternoon or early-evening when we see the first count.

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