Lotto jackpot rolls over again after ‘unwinnable’ criticism

Lotto jackpot rolls over again after ‘unwinnable’ criticism

Tomas Doherty

There was no winner of the record €19 million Lotto jackpot on Saturday, meaning the prize rolls over for the 47th time.

It comes after a Fine Gael TD called for an urgent probe into the “unwinnable” lottery.

The jackpot was last won on June 6th, prompting Bernard Durkan to raise questions.


“It’s been almost six months since it was won. This didn’t happen in Ronan Collins’ day,” Mr Durkan said.

“The jackpot has been stuck on €19 million since September. What’s going on?

“We need a full investigation and audit into the draw,” the Kildare North TD added.

Mr Durkan made global headlines this week when he said the prospect of winning the Lotto was so remote “that punters must be thinking Shergar would have a better chance at winning Squid Game.”


Meanwhile, Lotto players in Galway are being urged to check their tickets after one scooped the top prize of €1 million in Saturday’s Lotto Plus 1 draw.

The National Lottery said it hopes to reveal the name of the store which sold the winning ticket on Monday.

You can check the full results of Saturday's draw here.