McDonald's reveals Christmas menu loaded with festive favourites

McDonald's reveals Christmas menu loaded with festive favourites

Mcdonald's has unveiled its Christmas menu, coming to stores nationwide later this month.

The iconic fast-food chain will be bringing back festive favourites for a total of six weeks.

First and foremost, the Big Tasty will be making a comeback, a burger with a beef patty, Emmenthal cheese, onion, tomatoes and a smokey sauce. The Big Tasty with bacon is also available as well as a Big Tasty meal deal.

Also returning are the Cheese Melt dippers – breaded camembert bites with a tomato-based dip. They will be available as a four-piece portion or as a 15 piece share size box


For mince pie fans, the Festive Pie will be available again- a pastry filled with mincemeat and custard.

And for chocolate lovers, the McFlurry will be getting the Christmas treatment, with the Celebrations McFlurry returning to the menu.

The festive menu will be available in stores in Ireland and the UK from November 23rd.

The arrival of the festive menu means the old promotional menu, featuring the BBQ Bacon Stack, Nacho Cheese Wedges and Twirl McFlurry will be dropped.

McDonald's Christmas Drinks Update


That's not the only update to McDonald's festive menu.

The fast food chain is also revamping its McCafe menu with the introduction of the brand-new Caramel Waffle Latte and the returning Hot Chocolate Deluxe.

The two new drink offerings will be temporarily available throughout the holiday period in what the company says is a step in getting their menu "reindeer ready."

It's not all good news, however, as the introduction of the Caramel Waffle Latte means that the cult favourite Salted Caramel Latte will be dropped from the McCafe menu until the new year.